Scheduled: Energy Modelling Platform for Europe 2018, 25 - 26 September 2018

The cluster LCE-21-2015 are pleased to announce the Second Meeting of an Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2018 in Brussels

Energy Modelling Platform for Europe 2018

Modelling clean energy pathways

September 25 – 26th , 2018

EC headquarters, Brussels 21 rue du champ de Mars – Marsveldstraat, 1050 Brussels


The cluster of four Horizon 2020 projects[i] working on “Modelling and analysing the energy system, its transformation and impacts”, are pleased to invite you to the second conference of the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2018, hosted by the European Commission DG Research & Innovation in Brussels on September 25th and 26th.

[i] All four projects (SET-Nav, MEDEAS, REEEM, REFLEX)  have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme within the call LCE-21-2015 - Modelling and analysing the energy system, its transformation and impacts.

Day 1: Plenary sessions

The agenda of this year’s conference of the Energy Modelling Platform includes on day one three plenary sessions to discuss the following key conference themes, through panels and with the audience:

  1. ‘Innovation in the energy transition’
  1. ‘Integrated modelling of energy and resource efficiency’
  1. ‘Modelling of aspects of energy consumption behaviour’

Thanks to the active involvement of EC representatives, stakeholders from policy making and industry as well as leading researchers, we can ensure to bridge the gap between modelling research and policy making at European, regional and local level.

Day 2: Focus groups

On day two, you will have the possibility to participate in three out of nine parallel focus groups, dealing with specialized topics such as

  1. Infrastructure prerequisites – upcoming network challenges
  1. Energy, climate and macroeconomic relationships
  1. Technology learning
  1. Open energy system models
  1. Modelling of behavioural aspects
  1. Open databases
  1. Regional vs. national vs. Europe-wide modelling
  1. Two free slots for external contributions
  1. Engaging with policy makers

Focus groups particularly emphasize group discussions and interactive exchange of experiences between the participants. Seven focus groups are set up and headed by researchers from either SET-Nav, MEDEAS, REFLEX or REEEM projects while two focus groups slots are organized by external researchers from the modelling community.

We particularly emphasize the planned networking space. It is structured as an open space where all participants, from decision makers to invited researchers and modelling teams, can meet and exchange on common questions and exhibit their posters, highlighting their current research and/or activities in projects.

In this regard, we invite all attendees to participate in our call for posters. The networking space constitutes a central part of the conference, from which you should get an overview about the EU Model-landscape and an insight to ongoing projects. A joint dinner on the evening of September 25th complements these activities.

Linked to EMP-E, you have the possibility to submit a contribution to a Special Issue of Energy Strategy Reviews (Elsevier), which will provide input to COP25 in 2019. 

The special issue constitutes a peer-reviewed digest of models, approaches and policy insights for the assessment of clean energy pathways for the EU energy system vis-à-vis the Energy Union strategy.

It provides academics and decision makers with a deep review of cutting-edge EU-focused energy modelling research, to assist the EU energy system transition towards 2030, 2050 and beyond. Contributions are welcome on either of the three themes, providing methodological overviews or model applications, with related policy-relevant insights.

Find the full call for abstracts and instructions for submission here. Please submit the abstracts for the Special Issue here.

The registration for the EMP-E 2018 is currently open and can be done here.

While the conference is free of charge, registration should be considered to be binding due to the restriction on the number of attendees[ii].


Deadline for the registration and for the submission of abstracts for posters

31.05.2018 (at the latest)

Reconfirmation on conference admission


Deadline for submission of full papers (Special Issue), posters and presentations


EMP-E 2018 Conference

Further information and updates on the event are published on our webpage. We are looking forward to discussing modelling issues with you at the side of your posters, in the focus groups and in the plenary.

Gustav RESCH (TU WIEN) on behalf of the LCE-21-2015 cluster (MEDEAS, REEEM, REflex and SET-Nav)

[ii] Please note that the online registration is provisional until you receive a confirmation from us. You will be informed on your admission to the conference latest by 31th of May.